12th July 2024

Congratulations dr shameem!

Congratulations to the latest lab escapee Dr Mahrukh Shameem for successfully passing her viva!

We are so proud of her and her achievements throughout her PhD, especially her contribution to equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives! Mahrukh has started an internship with Mewburn Eliss in Life Sciences Oppositions and Appeals! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours!

1st August 2023

Congratulations dr zhalkin!

Congratulations to Dr Zhaklin Chalakova for passing her viva! We're all so proud of you and wish you all the best look in your postdoc position at King College London!

16th May 2023

New publication!

Congratulations to Zhaklin and Simon for publishing in Antifungal Immunity: Methods and Protocols! In the chapter, they outline how to use zebrafish as a model for disseminated Cryptococcal neoformans infection. To read the chapter click here!

10th May 2023

mahrukh gets interviewed by unity fm!

Mahrukh recently interviewed with Dr Siraj Sheikh at Unity FM where she spoke about equality, diversity and inclusion in minority communities.She spoke about her academic and professional career and highlighted the importance of role models throughout her experiences. She also talked about work she is currently doing with Sheffield Anti-Racist Education and the importance of community organisations in keeping EDI a current topic. 

To listen to the episode click here!

1st February 2023

Congratulations to dr DONALDSON!

Congratulations to Dr Christopher Donaldson for passing his viva! We are so proud of him and his achievements throughout his PhD. Chris has started the Scientist Training Programme and we wish him the best of luck in his future career!

20th January 2023

Congratulations to dr CAñEDO!

Congratulations to Dr Jaime Cañedo for graduating! We are all so proud of you and wish you the best at The University of Cambridge at your post doc position!

19th December 2022

Interview with nature on equality, diversity and inclusion

Our PhD student Mahrukh, was recently interviewed by Nature to discuss issues around equality, diversity and inclusion in British academia. Of the experience she said "It's an amazing opportunity to openly discuss issues around lack of representation and responsibility of change within academia. There are still unfortunately huge disparities in the numbers of black and ethnic minorities within academia, which needs to be addressed by senior members using actionable change. However, using platforms and having open forums makes me very hopeful for the future!"

To read the article click here and to listen click here.

13th July 2022

Chris has been accepted into the stp programme!

We are beyond thrilled and so proud of our very own Chris Donaldson on being accepted on to the NHS Scientist Training Programme in Clinical Microbiology! He has excelled in the lab and we know he will do absolutely amazing in his new role at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Chris said:

" I am incredibly excited to start a new role in the NHS, where I'll have the opportunity to bring my research experience and expertise into a clinical role, working to improve patient care, diagnostics and therapy. There's going to be a lot to learn, but I am hugely grateful for the opportunity and look forward to helping patients with infections across Merseyside."