Public Engagement

3th August 2020

INSPIRING diversity in STEM

Conversations about diversity and inclusion in STEM are incredibly important. Mahrukh is part of the Discovery Medicine North (DiMeN) doctoral training programme. Together with students from her DTP, she founded DiMeN Diversity and is the president of the group. They organised an event called Inspiring Diversity in STEM.

The event had talks by Dr Habib Naqvi, Laura Evans, Dr Lola Solebo and Dr Izzy Jayasinghe, and 2 breakout sessions. The event focused on understanding disparities between majority and minority groups in STEM, understanding issues faced by people in these groups and ways to bridge the gap. They also had two interactive sessions which focused on case studies and understanding the issues that people from minority groups face. Laura Evans at Nifty Fox illustrated the main points from the talks and interactive sessions in her amazing illustrative posters.

The event was the first for the DiMeN Diversity group and was attended by PhD students, technicians, lecturers, professors and programme managers. The group hopes to continue on with this work in the coming future. Well done to Mahrukh and the DiMeN Diversity team for the amazing event!

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28h March 2020

I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

Mahrukh took part in the "I'm a Scientist Get me out of here" as a member of the part of the Medical Research Zone from the 2nd and 27th of March, funded by The Wellcome Trust and The Medical Research Council. The aim of this programme is to break down the barriers that exist between the perception’s students have about scientists and who they truly are which is real people.

Mahrukh enjoyed the experience and said "I had a great time being part of this and I’m looking forward to doing this again next year! It was fun to talk to kids about normal things like anime, films and music and make them realise that we’re normal people!”

11h June 2018

Cheltenham Science Festival

As part of various outreach commitments of Florey Insitute of the University of Sheffield, Jaime together with other representatives from the Institute participated in Cheltenham Science Festival 2018 held from the 5th to 10th of June. They designed different activities to engage the public, especially students in primary and secondary levels, in understanding anti-microbial resistance and the different ways of tackling it.

Jaime was very happy to interact and share his knowledge with the younger generations. He also commented, "With the enthusiasm and wit I saw from these kids, I strongly believe that the future of science in the UK is very bright!"

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