14h January 2020

Stella won a poster prize!

A big well done to Stella! She won first place poster prize in the Innovations in Experimental Research category at the University of Sheffield NC3Rs Symposium in January! Her poster was entitled "Elucidating the role of cell wall composition and hyphal switch in the host-pathogen interactions of Candida albicans” and she brilliantly showed how she replaced the use of mice in her project. To find out more read here!

10th December 2019

Jacob wins at biotech yes!

We all want to say a massive congratulations to Johnston Lab's own Jacob Rudman! In collaboration with fellow DiMeN DTP students, Jacob won the Best Engineering Team and Best Financial Planning Awards at the Biotechnology YES 2019 competition!

Jacob and the team had to set up a fictional biotechnology company based around real, novel renewable technology. This included putting together a legal strategy and financial planning. The final took place at the prestigious Royal Society in London. Read more here!

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20th March 2019

BSMM annual meeting 2019

On the 17th to 19th of March, the British Society for Medical Mycology (BSMM) Annual Meeting was held in Royal Victoria Holiday Inn, Sheffield. Johnston lab led organising this important scientific gathering for clinicians and researchers to advance researches on medical and veterinary mycology.